Software to download and install


Info to everyone who decides to work on his/her own laptop...

As it was detailed in a previous article in this menu You may choose to work with or without own computer (There is no other choice... :-))

There are no official computers distributed by us to the students!

In case You use Your own computer/laptop there is no special configuration needed. There must be Windows op. system installed, and the code called Processing Modflow for Windows ver. 5.3.3.

Win7/Vista/XP preferred, there are some Win10 computers where the software sometimes fails (but even under Win10 it is possible to work with it (like me).

The software can be downloaded from the site Please to download the freeware version v5.3.3 and not the commercial version 8.0 ofr above!!! Both can be installed but the commercial version will be restricted in model size that may inhibit Your work at a given stage.

Please to install the code into a directory not far from the root (for. ex. d:\kbpm533; c:\simcore\pm5 or similar,   dont use Your own directories or the documents directory created by the Windows!

The installation is needed to start the course!