Modified time schedule of the course


Due to the cancellation of the education on March 5, 2016 I had to modify the course time schedule... Homeworks did not change !

Dear Students!

The courses for Groundwater flow modeling and for Groundwater flow and contaminant transport modeling will be held on Mondays, but due to technical reasons only each 2nd week at 8-12 am. (Room A/1. 227.) Unfortunatelly Monday March 14, 2016 is a special non-working day in Hungary, therefore course must be held on Saturday March 5, 2016!!!

Planned topics

February 15, 2016: Topic: What is a model? Very basics of GW related modeling. Introducing Processing MODFLOW! Building the very first GW flow model.  

February 29, 2016: Building a steady state GW flow model, the use of the most known MODFLOW packages. Undergroud particle tracking. Drawing pathlines, determination of water budget.

April 11, 2016: Transient modeling of GW flow!

April 25, 2016: Modeling vertical cross sections (unit basin, seppage under dams, etc.) and Contaminant transport modeling of conservative tracers in the cross section

May 9, 2016: Building a model on your own, demonstration of modeling abilities, check of self-made models (homeworks)

Please take into account that there is no repetition or summary of the previous course materials during the lectures, meanwhile the topics of each lecture requires the undersanding of the previous ones! Units are based on each other!


For students of the course GW Flow Modeling:

1. Steady state model of a well-field

2. Transient model of a well test

For students of the course GW Flow and Contaminant Transport Modeling

1. Steady state model of a well-field

2. Transient model of a pumping test

3. Investigation of a modified unit basin at unconventional boundary conditions

4. Contaminant transport model of contaminated site

5. Modeling remediation of a contaminated site

All homeworks should be completed before May 9, 2016. They should be delivered both digitally (data sets and short resume) and in printed version only (short resume and some figures of interest)