Geothermal systems

On this page you may find some information about the Course Geothermal systems & transport modeling

Important notice:  All course news will be published on the page GW Flow and Contaminant Transport Modeling (please to follow the link to be informed)

Course completion:

The course is divided into two separate parts:
Part I: GW flow and contaminant transport modeling (3 hours/week, Instructor: B. Kovács)
Part II: Fluid mechanics (Instructor: Anikó Nóra Tóth, Petroleum and Natural Gas Institute) 
To complete Part I. students should complete several homeworks and should pass an exam consists of a stand-alone building of a model of a hydraulic problem. (to be informed check the page GW Flow and Contaminant Transport Modeling!)

Please read the followings about the course: gw_modeling_specs_2019.pdf

Please search for the menu SW & Literature to download software needed and some additional readings. Since students have only a few knowledge in hydrogeology I sugest to read The Chapter 3&4. of C.W. Fetter's Applied Hydrogeolgy. 

In case you are more deeply interested in modeling I suggest you the books of Wen-Hsing Chiang and Prof. Kinzelbach:

Kinzelbach, W., 1986. Groundwater Modelling - An introduction with sample programs in BASIC. Elsevier. ISBN 0-444-42582-9.

Chiang, Wen-Hsing, Kinzelbach, Wolfgang: 3D-Groundwater Modeling with PMWIN A Simulation System for Modeling Groundwater Flow and Pollution, Springer, 2003


Some presentations about general issues concerning modeling aspecially GW flow modeling: 



Manual of the freeware code: pm5_jobb.pdf 

Homeworks (will be published on the page GW Flow and Contaminant Transport Modeling!)