General info concerning modeling courses


Details about the courses GW flow and contaminant transport modeling...

There are several courses dealing with numerical modeling in aquifers and other subsurface reservoirs: All my courses use the same software and the same didactic methods.

There are several ways of completing the course:

1. Use own computer and work alone

The advantage of this method is that You may have all materials on Your own computer and You may continue or finish the tasks at home. The disadvantage is that You must be quick and very clear headed to understand the topics, to make Your own lecture notes and also to work parallel the computer! Choose this option only in case You like challenges!!! 

2. Use own computer and work in groups of 2-3 people

The advantage of this is that everyone has more time to understand the topics in details, meanwhile a group member prepares the lecture notes, another member works on the computer, and a possibly a third member is helping to the others. A disadvantage is the lack of digital materials on the computer of each of You but You can share it after the course. This is a recommended method to complete the course. 

3. Only follow the topics without parallel work on own computer 

This makes understanding the most easily but this needs more efforts at home, to repeat the procedures and understand even the practical steps besides the theoretical ones. Choose this method if You prepared to work at home and to understand the course material immediately after the course (same or next day until You remember in details)

There is no BAT (Best Available Technology) please use the most convenient one for You ...